Atrial Fibrillation / EKG

An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat. With each beat, an electrical impulse (or “wave”) travels through the heart.

EKGs are quick, safe, and painless. An EKG is one of the simplest and fastest procedures used to evaluate the heart.

Some reasons your healthcare provider may results an EKG, inlcude the following:

  • to determine the cause of chest pains,
  • to evaluate the signs and symptoms which map be heart-released such as fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness or fainting,
  • to identify irregular heartbeats,
  • to determine the effectiveness of certain heart medications,
  • to obtain tracing of the heart’s function during a physical; examination that may be used as a comparison with future EKGS, to determine if any changes have occurred.

There may be other reasons for a physician to recommend an EKG.

Know Your Heart Disease Risk Factors

You may have an increased chance of developing heart disease if you are over age 35 and have even one of these risk factors:

  • Family history of cardiovascular disease
  • Shortness of breath, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, light-headedness, dizziness or loss of consciousness
  • Previous heart attack or stroke
  • Heart murmur diagnosis
  • Alcohol dependence
  • High blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol
  • Sleep apnea
  • Chronic lung condition
  • Smoking habit
  • Excess weight

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