Hands-Only CPR

Why Learn Hands-Only CPR?

Cardiac arrest – an electrical malfunction in the heart that causes an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) and disrupts the flow of blood to the brain, lungs and other organs – is a leading cause of death. Each year, more than 350,000 EMS-assessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the United States. When a person has a cardiac arrest, survival depends on immediately receiving CPR from someone nearby. According to the American Heart Association, about 90 percent of people who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests die. CPR, especially if performed immediately, can double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival.

Be the Difference for Someone You Love

If you are called on to give CPR in an emergency, you will most likely be trying to save the life of someone
you love: a child, a spouse, a parent or a friend.

  • About 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes.
  • About 46 percent of people who experience an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest receive the immediate help that they need before professional help arrives.

Hands-Only CPR Training

Baton Rouge Cardiology Center provides Hands-Only CPR Training in our community.  To find a class near you, contact us at 225.214.7730.


Download the Hands-Only CPR Fact Sheet.

To learn more, visit heart.org/handsonlycpr.

Learn the two steps to save a life by watching the video below.

NOTE: The AHA still recommends CPR with compressions and breaths for infants and children and victims of drowning, drug overdose, or people who collapse due to breathing problems.