Baton Rouge Cardiology Center Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence in Heart & Vascular Care

BATON ROUGE, La. Baton Rouge Cardiology Center (BRCC) marks 40 years of providing heart and vascular care to residents of Greater Baton Rouge with a continuous commitment to excellence, growth, innovation and personalized, compassionate care focused on the community’s needs.

“Baton Rouge Cardiology Center has seen many changes over the past 40 years: more members added to our team of physicians, collaborations, new state-of-the art technology, groundbreaking research, affiliations with more hospitals, added 18 additional clinics and expanded to more communities,” said Boyd E. Helm, M.D., Baton Rouge Cardiology Center President, Co-Founder and Interventional Cardiologist. “Baton Rouge Cardiology Center continues to thrive because we remain focused on our mission: to provide our patients with the best heart and vascular care available close to home.”

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Baton Rouge Cardiology Center will hold several events in the community to promote prevention and help raise awareness about heart and vascular disease. With opportunities for businesses and residents, these events will include CPR training, lunch and learn presentations from cardiologists, heart and vascular screenings, and much more.

To learn more, visit or call (225) 769-0933.